CREMA™ is a design studio specialising in developing new creative strategies, branding, and digital products.

We are a team of designers, creative minds, marketing experts and programmers who work from Malaga. It is an experienced and cross-functional team, with more than 15 years of experience and great projects accumulated in The Room 1.0, which is how we used to call ourselves.

We help companies and brands create solutions for their ideas and businesses through the design and the technology. Innovation is a constant in our work, which is why we always go one step further, imagining effective and attractive scenarios and solutions.

We believe in design as an engine for ideas, strategy generator that highlights the value of our customers’ brands and products. We invent and shape ideas, methodically using design processes to analyse, study, think and create. This is our basic work methodology.


Jorge Amat Business developer

His mind is capable of anticipating infinite scenarios to enhance each of the projects in which he participates. Designer graduated from San Telmo School of Arts, he specialises and expands his knowledge studying at University of Malaga. He does not find satisfaction in what he already knows, he is curious by nature in constant process of analysing and experimenting. His main motivation is generating new challenges for the studio and learning continuously every day together with the whole team.

Jesse Naylor Head of technology

British by birth, Malagueño by heart. He trained at the San Telmo School of Art as a designer and consolidated his knowledge at the University of Malaga, but his passion made him a specialist in programming, digital environment, and technology. He is inspired by visionaries as Ray Kuzweil or Elon Musk, who nurture his entrepreneurial streak and thirst for knowledge.

Nacho Ávila Creative director

Plainly speaking, Nacho’s job is to make our customers sell more. That is why he is responsible for obtaining from them, the material and keys necessary to shape the project and define a strategy capable of achieving the objectives set. Just be careful if there is pizza involved in the session: he is simply crazy about spicy food!

Alejandro García Design and production

Graphic designer who has been a part of CREMA™ almost since its beginning. He has grown with the studio since he finished the San Telmo School of Art to become meticulous finishing artist and a key piece in each of our projects. His experience with what is tangible enables us to work with infinity of materials and production techniques at high quality and definition.

José Meliveo Art director

An explosion of creativity in our studio, forged among mountains of paper containing drawings of monsters and film illustrations. Publicist and designer graduated from University of Malaga and GAUSS School of Design. Its design is powerful and daring, capable of transcending any dimension: time, space, and matter.

Miguel Heras Marketing strategist

He brings the brands we create in the studio to life, carefully analysing every element and context to find the key to the branding strategy. He combines his multidisciplinary training in advertising, digital marketing and networks with a chameleon-like experience in political communication, eSports and sports marketing.

Elvira Pedregal Digital developer

Elvira's world is lines of code to the beat of a drum kit. And she is not normally the chatty type, but when she speaks she makes herself heard. She is one of those people who, put quite simply, is cool. And it's not even on purpose.

Ana de Domingo UX/UI designer

It does not matter if we talk about mobile phones, websites, apps, or your future car's dashboard: Ana's is an obsession with screens. But beware! Don't be fooled by her innocent gaze ... if you don't watch it she'll slip you in a Call to Action!


Strategic design

We approach the strategy for every business, product or action from company’s perspective. We promote research and design to address services such as consulting, digital strategy, service or business design.

  • Consulting and investigation

  • 360º Marketing strategies

  • Service design

  • Experience design

  • Business design


We create brands by putting emphasis on integrity and coherence in order to cast our customers' ideas in all the settings: corporate identity, online, communication, video, or retail branding.

  • Brand strategy plan

  • Visual identity design

  • Verbal identity creation

  • Branded content

  • Retail branding

Digital product

We work to achieve a good projection for your company in the digital/online environment, designing and developing webs and apps based on the study of the best UX/UI experience, and SEO and ASO positioning.

  • UX/UI design

  • Web and app design and development

  • ASO positioning

  • Physical and VR showrooms

  • Interactive system design

  • Experimental products


Experimenting is a part of the DNA of the studio. CREMALAB is an independent creative space for developing projects that seek to break the rules, play with technology, new tools, or devices. It is the studio's R&D&I , it´s a place where innovation and design projects are developed, where we can have fun, experiment and come up with solutions that may be later implemented in other projects.

Friday learnings

CREMA™ thrives on the knowledge of each team member. Learning and knowledge transfer is a constant in the studio. Case studies, conferences or speeches given by collaborators are the core of the sessions held in the studio each week.

Friday Learing is an internal CREMA™ tool to share relevant trends, projects of interest and other subjects related to design, creativity, and technology.