You might be expecting a talk about a design as a business value; that we tell you how to connect people with brands, to turn every contact point into an unforgettable experience that makes a difference.

We regret to tell you, that for us, that has come later. We are in design, because creating is our thing. We love experimenting and make all the ideas that come in our minds come true, no matter if it is a brand or a digital product. However, over the years we have learned that to be able to create, we need a purpose. Know-how is secondary, the most important are the answers to these questions: What? and Whom for? If you have a clear purpose, the way to get there is much easier.

That is why we are a design studio.
That is why we are CREMA™.


Strategic design

We approach the strategy for every business, product or action from company’s perspective. We promote research and design to address services such as consulting, digital strategy, service or business design.

Consulting and investigation

We study and analyse your brand to provide you with guidance and also define the best solutions for your business success.

360º Marketing strategies

We create complete or partial marketing strategies tailored specifically to every client, SEO and SEM strategies.

Service design

Process planning aimed to improve and add value to services.

Experience design

We create bonds between the brand and its audience, creating the best customer experience.

Business Design

We develop new user-centred business models to improve operational, organisational, and functional standards.


We create brands by putting emphasis on integrity and coherence in order to cast our customers' ideas in all the settings: corporate identity, online, communication, video, or retail branding.

Brand strategy plan

We highlight the values and differentiators of your brand to make it stand out from the competition and create a strong brand.

Visual identity design

We create and consolidate the visual identity of your brand always taking into account the latest market trends.

Verbal identity creation

The way you talk to your customers ensures the success or failure of your brand. We will help you find the best register for your brand.

Branded Content

We design content linked to your brand to help you connect with your customers quickly and effectively.

Retail Branding

We turn a simple act of selling into a bond with your client, working on corporate branding in establishments, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

Digital product

We work to achieve a good projection for your company in the digital/online environment, designing and developing webs and apps based on the study of the best UX/UI experience, and SEO and ASO positioning.

UX/UI design

We analyse and develop the best browsing experience for your website and mobile app. 88% of users do not return to a website where they have had a negative experience.

Web and App Design and Development

We design and develop the web or mobile app that your business needs to succeed.

ASO positioning

We work on positioning of mobile apps in iOS and Android

Physical and VR Showrooms

We organise on-site or virtual showrooms using the latest technologies to create state-of-the-art showrooms.

Interactive system design

We create products for your business that the public can interact with. We prototype and develop control technologies and interactive user experiences.

Experimental products

We use experimental design to create products that can improve and add value to your business.