Client: BAT

Year: 2018

Tags: Branding / Digital product / Strategic design


Today's world is constantly changing and one of the clear examples of this - in the area of teaching and postgraduate studies - is students demand for profiles with high adaptability and multiple competences regarding the programmes of study and fields of knowledge.

In response to the inquiries of companies and students, University of Malaga, has launched a Master’s Degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation; BAT (Business, Art, Technology), which is an experimental master as far as its format, but also content are concerned. CREMA™ along the management team is participating in creation and development of a vivid, ground-breaking, and unique identity.


The competences of the BAT master's revolve around the axes of creativity, business and technology. That is why their format is different, because it applies learning by doing methodology through which students develop leadership skills and visualize trends that can later become sustainable models of products and ideas.

The master's degree is part of the UMA's commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in the LINK space, which, due to its nature, allowed us a more experimental and risky approach to development and design. CREMA™ built the brand in its primary state in both the digital and physical environment, with the mission of building an empirical personality that would be reflected in all its dimensions: volume, colour, texture, and movement. A striking identity, which will attract students and professionals, who aspire to be in the forefront of tomorrow's solutions.

Research and strategy

The course methodology is based on processes and team learning. Accordingly, the CREMA™ team proposed different dynamics to involve teachers and people responsible for the master's degree through different sessions of Design Thinking.

The analysis of the motivation behind the new offer was presented in a brainstorming session, organized in a canvas provided for the definition and data collection. A thorough SWOT analysis enabled us to set up the situation, the context and to define different strategies. Finally, we analysed the typology of different potential audiences at different levels, mapping all the characteristics and possible personalities of every kind of students.

The outcome of the sessions led to the choice of a brand territory where leadership involves the strategic context of the brand. This concept suggests a personality that is aligned with the vision of the course, synthesising the definition of the brand and combining its objectives.

Regarding the verbal strategy we decided to work with tagline (Master in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) which has a direct informative function and perfectly defines the product. This approach makes it possible to take risks and leave a more complex comprehension for other parts of the brand. The development of the claim "We want you to change the world", which stems from the most experimental part of the concept, provides the emotional connection and challenges the user.

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Elements of the brand

The naming is framed under the initials of Business, Art, Technology: BAT. This proposal from the UMA, was a requirement for the development of the brand. This requirement was maintained and used as an advantage, by focusing on simplicity to build a compact, strong and very catchy logo.








The BAT logo is based on a deconstruction of the three basic geometric shapes: the circle, the triangle and the square. Each of them is used to shape the letters that form the name of the master's degree, which generates a unique typographic composition

This logo is the result of a process of construction / deconstruction of geometric forms that reaches a final synthesis, defined by a basic matrix structure composed by a circle, triangle and square. The deconstruction of the whole, splits individually into initials that form the name of the master's degree, which suggests a typographical composition, whereas materially it is not.


The technological and experimental nature is reflected by the typography by the use of Futura font. This family of characters imprints modernity on the whole with wide strokes, compositional contrast and straight lines that appeal to the strong ambition of aspiring students. A typography based on basic geometric shapes and that connects perfectly with the shapes in the logo.



Since there are so many elements that appeal to technology (geometric shapes, straight lines and sans serif typography) a decision was made to develop a chromatic palette that would add human value.

The colour corresponds to a combination of earth hues, magentas and warm shades that render the human value and contrast with the experimental nature of the rest, so a chromatic and conceptual balance is achieved.

Coral BAT

Grape Business

Yellow Art

Blue Tecnhology

3D modeling and graphic resources

The brand building process and the experimental nature of the whole, led the team to go beyond the forms and build an imaginary universe of volumes and textures that fit together; a 3D model represents the key concepts of the brand. It all adds up, the branches of knowledge, the diversity and the capacity of the human being to face new challenges.

Elementos 3d

Web design and development

Concerning the web design, we have decided to experiment, emphasizing the use of fonts accompanied by images and graphic elements from the brand.

The navigation has been developed to be as intuitive and simple as possible. In addition, the architecture has been created in such way that the information stands out, being easily accessible to users.

Brand touchpoints

In an environment like this University, the most ambitious students need to be stimulated with innovative projects that break the established rules and allow them to reshape the world however they would want to rebuild it.

The design of the BAT brand appeals to these students, demanding their attention so that they aspire to form the creative and entrepreneurial revolution that companies are pursuing.


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