Client: CBRE, Stoneweg Living

Year: 2019

Tags: Digital product / Experience design / Strategic design


Skyline. Contour lines drawn by the shapes of the buildings on the horizon.

Skyline Madrid is a residential architecture project that proposes a new vision of the space and habitability of a business area in the north part of the Spanish capital city.

The Stoneweg project, designed by Touza Architectos and directed by 24Studio, is conceptualized under a very sophisticated and technological approach, open to perception and experience.

CREMA™ has joined this great team as 24Studio's technological partner, with the aim of designing and developing the project's online universe and an experimental interactive model system that enhances the sales showroom experience.


24Studio has put the UX/UI design of Skyline Madrid's digital experience in the hands of CREMA™ It had to be connected to the whole universe of the project and the “Interactive Model - Touch Screen - Videowall” system designed and tailored to the Showroom.

Another of the requirements of this project was coordination within a multidisciplinary team, composed by architects, modelers, engineers, model makers and designers to achieve a total and fluid connection between the product, the visualization, and the experience.

Research and strategy

To achieve an immersive experience within the Skyline Madrid Showroom, we had to learn about all the details from the architectural point of view. A thorough study was therefore carried out together with the Touza team, that allowed us to understand the purpose behind the design of the building.

In order to make an attractive model,the State of the Artof installations in museums and exhibition spaces was analysed, as well as the latest creations of visual artists and generative art.

The research was oriented towards understanding the technical aspects in order to offer a digital product at the level of architecture.

After this research process, three conceptual lines were proposed:“explore, discover, connect”. A journey where the user can visualize the product, immerse himself in the environment and let the soul of the Skyline Madrid project shine through.

Estructura 1Estructura 2Estructura 3Maqueta 1Maqueta 2

Elements of the project

Having applied the concepts extracted from the research phase, the Showroom proposed an interactive scheme (Interactive Model - Touchscreen - Video Wall) designed for the space, where the buildings and the contents are connected with a sales model and this, in turn, with the user.

1App in touch stand
2 Videowall
4Content manager
5Web page


The interactive model is connected to Skyline Madrid's website and Stoneweg's CRM, so there is interaction with the model in real time through these devices. This gives information to the user as they can filter the characteristics of the product, know its location in the model or know the availability of the house they are observing at that time. To give greater visual orientation to the customer, the model is also illuminated by LEDs that respond in real time to the user's selection while interacting with the touch screen.

This system allows the user to navigate, discover and explore the whole project, from the video wall to the touchscreen and the model or a combination of them.

The model is linked to all the elements of the Showroom so that the customer can thoroughly explore Skyline Madrid.

This structure of hardware, software and connections was integrated into the design and interior design of the showroom, merging each element with one of sophisticated and elegant lines.


Planos de montaje

Landing page

At the beginning of the campaign, a landing page was developed to start building up leads. On this page, the user could find the following information:

4 Leads
Landing page



The website was created with the interaction between product and user in mind, allowing it to be an immersive, smooth and functional experience. The design and development also focused on exploiting usability, enhancing it in order to capture and manage leads from different advertising platforms.

An intranet was developed for the sales department which is connected to the entire project database (leads, products, reservations...) allowing for greater analysis and commercial control.

The interface was built to be totally responsive and nomadic, so the Skyline Madrid showroom experience can be taken anywhere.

Skyline Madrid

The Skyline Madrid project aims to become a reference among the high standard residences in the Spanish capital city. The emphasis on the technological aspect reinforces the brand from the first contact with the potential customer, offering an immersive experience to capture their attention and make them decide to purchase one of the homes thanks to the development of a digital product tailored to their needs.